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Greetings from HIFF2016 FEST Team!

We take the pleasure and great honour towarm invitation to the galaxy of filmmaker to the 1st edition of Haryana International Film Festival  2016 starting from 08thSeptember  to 11th September 2016 in Hisar, India.We are hoping for  all your blessings and active participation.

HIFF – Haryana International Film Festival  is first attempt towards the International recognition of Haryanvi Culture & Haryanvi Peoples.HIFF will make endeavors towards imparting a novel identity to the world cinema, through conducting film festivals in the cities of Haryana every year( Hisar in 2016). HIFF will try to work  on all the technical and academic aspects of cinema. The organization will make attempts to connect the world cinema with the common public and making it a social concern, through conducting various seminars, debates and discussions.

Haryana International Film Festival( HIFF ) , Hisar 2016 is the biggest Academic and Glamour Film Festival in Haryana for the first time. This Three daysFestival will showcasea diverse, language independent, selection of the best feature films, documentaries and short films from around the world, on themes of Hindi and English and other Haryanvii cultures and identities.

In addition, the festival also features concerts, gala events, film parties, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities with government representatives, business leaders, local organizations that support film development, film stars, producers, directors, members of the media and more.

 HIFF 2016

Vision and Mission  :

HIFF will provide an opportunity to heighten awareness of Hindi and English and Haryanvi culture and identities to audiences of all cultural backgrounds.

HIFF will present films in their original languages with subtitles in an effort to build cross-cultural bridges.

HIFF 2016 To Create Global platform for Independent Filmmakers & Youth Worldwide Towards Uniting The World & supporting Global Harmony & Peace.

To encourage Film locations exchange, Film Culture & enhance Film Tourism Art , culture & technological exchange between film-makers

The Festival also aims to provide a platform to young Haryanvisto showcase their creativity.

The Vision and Mission of HIFF is guided by an advisory board composed of respected political, business, arts, community and media leaders.