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Media Registration

Guidelines for Press Accreditation:

  • Press accreditation for the Haryana International Film Festival is compulsory.
  • Please follow the guidelines carefully while completing your online accreditation registration.
  • Registration does not guarantee press accreditation. The Festival has a limited capacity for both the public and the press. Accreditation is at the discretion of the Festival’s management.
  • All applicants may be required to provide proof of commission from your commissioning Editor or Producer.
  • Once you have submitted your request for press accreditation, you will receive notification of your accreditation status from 1st September,2016 onwards.
  • International media visiting the Festival will need to apply for a ‘J’ Visa (journalist visa), before travelling to India.
  • Press badges will be available for collection from the Festival site prior to the festival and only issued once. Duplicates will not be issued.
  • Please bring a copy of your approved press registration and commission letter from your Editor when collecting your press badge.
  • Press badges are non-transferable.
  • Press accreditation will close on September 10 2016.
  • All press applying for press registration are requested to use the full name of the Festival, Haryana International Film Festival, and any associated Festival sponsors in all media coverage produced prior, during and after the event.

Media Registration
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