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Student Registration

Student Registration is open to present the paper and attend Academic workshop in the festival, and its PAID.

As a Registered Student, include Lunch & Dinner and Accommodation and present paper and participate in screening and work shop and attend all evening culture prog. and get a student kit with certificate in addition to all the scheduled events.

PRE FESTIVAL REGISTRATION: (Before festival start means before 1st September,2016)

INR 2000 for 4 days. ( INR 500 per day ) include Lunch & Dinner and Accommodation

ON THE SPOT REGISTRATION (During the festival):

INR 3000 for 4 days. ( INR 750 per day ) include Lunch & Dinner and Accommodation


INR 1000 per day without Accommodation if not stay 4 days ( Minimum 2 Days Attendance Require for Academic Certificate )

  • An invitation to the inclusive HIFF 2016 Opening and Closing Ceremony and Film screening and Evening Culture Prog.
  • Access to all days of screenings, panels, workshops and can present papers in workshop.
  • A festival student KIT with HIFF goodies
  • Access to reserved seating area (you will be issued a Student pass in order to access this area, reserved seating access expires 10 mins before each screening )
  • Not required to have tickets for individual screenings
  • Not required to stand in queue for screenings

Student Registration
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