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Volunteer Registration is open for festival, and is free.

The HISFF – Haryana International Short Film Festival is One Of The Biggest Academic Film festival in the world. It is the most prestigious national and international Academic Film Festival event held in the country. The festival is free, and open to all. It encompasses a range of academic participation of youth in international seminar of films in that Four days of the International Short film festival. According to various subjects in seminar, the experts participated and presented with their views and research papers.Academic readings, talks, debates, performances, student ’s workshops and interactive activities, which require a wide range of supervision and organization.

HISFF Kurukshetra is the biggest Short Film Festival in Haryana. This Four day extravaganza showcases a diverse, language independent, selection of the best haryanavi  feature films, documentaries and short films from around the world, on themes of Hindi and English and other Haryanvi cultures and identities.

We invite Volunteers for the biggest free film festival event ever to be witnessed in India. We do primarily choose volunteers from Haryana. With a brilliant line-up of celebrities and speakers, we also require a brilliant line-up of Volunteers who will be the interface between us, the public and the film celebrities! Find your place amongst the varied avenues of work available and help us make HISFF 2017 success.


  1. Registration:You will receive the audience, check for Identities and will also be in charge of registering the delegates, the speakers and the artists separately.
  2. Transport & Accommodation:The most stimulating albeit one of the hardest tasks, requiring organization and skill. The volunteers will be in charge of taking care of the speaker ’s itinerary, having them picked up and dropped from and to specific locations and making sure their accommodation is ready and comfortable. Volunteers under this department will have to be quick on their feet to tackle any problem that may arise
  3. Information Desk:Volunteers will be required to know-it-all, literally! They will need to know of every schedule, every venue, every speaker and the time and place where an event is to take place. They will have to be up-to date with every change, so that they may inform the audience and provide assistance at any given point.
  4. Venue Management:To make sure every venue is ready prior to every event that is to take place in that particular area. With a total of 4 venues to take care of, that too simultaneously at many instances, Volunteers will be required to ceaselessly exercise their prowess at organizing!
  5. Speaker Liaison:Volunteers, to this end, are the face of HISFF for their respective Speaker! They will receive the speaker(s) and assist them through the day, through each of their talks, make sure that the speaker is at a venue, ready for his/her talk. Offering warmth and hospitality at a designated space – The Lounge – will be your task as well; you must make sure that the speaker is comfortable and refreshed when he/she enters this space, and to that end make sure that the Lounge is ready to receive the speakers. You will be our communication line between HISFF and the Speaker!
  6. Production, Décor & Infrastructure:Volunteers to this end will ensure HISFF looks the best this year! You will represent HISFF to the public, the Speakers and the delegates as an aesthetic physical entity. We give you the space and you create the landscape of the Haryana International Film Festival.
  7. Delegate Volunteers:The Delegates are one of HISFF ’s prime audiences. They are provided with many facilities. Volunteers to these delegates will make sure that their privileges are maintained and comfortably fulfilled. It will be the volunteer’s task to make sure that the delegate lounge is ready for them and equipped, and that proper service is provided to them.
  8. Press & Media Volunteers:Press and media volunteers will ensure smooth registration of all media persons attending the festival, and will assist registered media with any problems or festival related queries. They will also ensure that the Press Area is organized in advance, and that the press team and author are in the allocated area as per schedule
  9. Music Stage:Volunteers are to make sure that the setup of the Music Stage is done on schedule, the sound check begins on time, and allocated time for each performer is maintained. Music Stage Volunteers will also be the Artist Liaisons for the HISFF, they will manage the artists, manage the venue as well as make sure of the smooth functioning back stage
  10. Security:One of the major avenues of Volunteering – One will be the eyes and ears of the Festival with reference to ensuring that there is a smooth coordination and interaction between the security guards, bouncers and the audience attending the festival and the HISFF Music stage where artist security will take prime precedence. The Security volunteers will assist the security team and Security Head (from HISFF) during a VVIP visit. Keeping an eye on any unwanted or anti-social activities.
  • Registration of volunteer entries will close on dated 15th March, 2017
  • The interviews will take place between 20th March, 201725th March, 2017
  • Past the first round of selection, there will be a Group Interview Round for final selections
  • There will be a three day training programme post selection which is mandatory for every volunteer
  • Upon selection you will be asked to sign an undertaking
  • We primarily choose volunteers from Haryana ( Priority )
  • We would appreciate a 10 day prior notice in case the Volunteer wishes to back out after his/her selection
  • There is no financial remuneration for the role of the Volunteer, although we will provide a certificate crediting the Volunteer for his/her efforts

For any queries –

Contact: + 91-8376010000,+91-9468396933, +91-9992386600
Email: info@hiffindia.com, hiffindia@gmail.com

Volunteer Registration