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Welcome to HIFF – Haryana International Film Festival

HIFF – Haryana International Film Festival is an attempt towards the International recognition of Haryanvi Culture & Haryanvi Peoples. HIFF has successfully conducted many film festivals till date and will make endeavors towards imparting a novel identity to the world cinema, through conducting film festivals in the cities of Haryana every year, since 2016. HIFF will try to work on all the technical and academic aspects of cinema. The organization will make attempts to connect the world cinema with the common public and making it a social concern, through conducting various seminars, debates and discussions.

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01 Best Feature Film (Fiction)
02 Best Feature Film (Documentary)
03 Best Short Film
04 Best Documentary Film (Short)
05 Best Animation Film
06 Best Music Video
07 Best Ad Film
08 Best Feature Film Runner Up (Fiction)
09 Best Feature Film Runner Up (Documentary)
10 Best Short Film Runner Up
11 Best Documentary Film (Short) Runner Up
12 Best Animation Film Runner Up
13 Best Music Video Runner Up
14 Best Ad Film Runner Up
15 Best Director (Feature)
16 Best Director (Short)

17 Best Director (Documentary Feature)
18 Best Director (Documentary Short)
19 Best Director (Animation)
20 Best Director (Music Video)
21 Best Director (Ad Film)
22 Best Actor
23 Best Actress
24 Best Child Actor
25 Best Director Of Photography
26 Best Editor
27 Best Background Score
28 Best Production Design
29 Best Story
30 Best Screenplay
31 Best Sound

01 Best Short Film
02 Best Documentary Film (Short)
03 Best Animation Film
04 Best Music Video
05 Best Ad Film
06 Best Director (Short)
07 Best Director (Documentary)
08 Best Director (Animation)
09 Best Director (Music Video)
10 Best Character Design
11 Best Animation Design
12 Best Graphic Design
13 Best Digital Painting
14 Best Background and Props Design
15 Best Motion Graphics
16 Best VFX Film Visualization
17 Best TVC
18 Best Photo Story
19 Best Stop Motion

Haryana International Film Festival

Submit your films for the 7th HIFF here

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